Sunday, July 16, 2006

New Roomie

This whole roommate situation is going to take some time to really get used to.

Lisa came at 9 P.M. Friday night with about 6 boxes of stuff. There's nowhere to really put it. She has a ton of make up that she immediately cluttered up the bathroom with and a lot of DVD's. There's her cellphone, her P.C. station, her IPOD and a host of other electronic devices. Including a webcam.

I was a little overwhelmed.

But we warmed up pretty quickly. I had set aside space in the closet for her clothes and she started hanging up her outfits. She kept thanking me for taking her in and telling me how excited she was about living together.

She DOES actually sleep naked. Which was wierd because right now we're sharing a bed until her next paycheck comes in. Then she'll buy a second futon. I sleep with my panties and a tanktop usually. It's just weird brushing my legs against another person at night. In a sense, she is essentially a stranger to me still. She has a beautiful body and I think she knows it. She came out the shower all giggly and climbed into bed.

"This is like a non-stop sleepover party" (well...we'd been drinking, so we were both acting silly). We popped in a DVD. It was fun.

But it's different.

Jonas came over Saturday morning to go to the beach. We had a good time. We came so close to kissing at one point. I want to write more about our date but Lisa is coming back soon. She just stepped out to pick up some snacks at the kiosk down the street. I don't want her looking over my shoulder at what I'm typing. (She's the nosy type, I have to make sure my laptop is always closed and password protected) It's nice having someone around all the time We went to work together Saturday night.),

but I have a feeling that I'll miss my privacy a bit.
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