Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I want you.

You came over in the early evening. The sun was just dipping below the horizon and the apartment was filled with a warm orangish glow.

When I opened the door we just stared at eachother. You know me, and I know you. We knew this moment was coming, we just didn't know when or how. I stood there for a moment leaning against the door frame wordlessly. I just waited for you to say something but you didn't.

You reached out and touched the side of my face, your finger moving down my cheek and grazing over my lips. I close my eyes and Your hand traveled down my neck. You pulled me into a hug. I know you understand. I know you aren't judging.

We pulled apart and I took your hand. I led you inside my apartment. Your eyes were just on me. You don't care where I lived or if I went to college. You don't care about my past or my mistakes. It's was just you and me in the moment.

I felt like I was barely breathing as I gazed at you. You leaned down and kissed me. Your lips were soft and at first hesitant. We were just barely touching. I was trembling and I knew that you felt the heat rising across my cheeks. Then it became more passionate and breathless. You pushed me my back against the wall and your hand moved down my body.

"We shouldn't be doing this", You tore your lips from mine and whispered this into my ear. "I don't know what I'm doing"

"It's okay"..I whispered back tugging on your shirt lightly.

Your hand cupped my breast over my shirt, your finger grazed over the nipple through the fabric. We stared at eachother. "I want you so bad"

You pulled my top over my head, the rubberband slipped out and my hair spilled over my face. I let you push me down on the bed and you slid my shorts down my thighs. Your hand moved over my panties, you felt the wetness inbetween my legs. I took a sharp intake of breath and saw your erection pushing against your pants. You leaned over me and I moved against you...I was filled with need and desire

Then I woke up.

That was 15 minutes ago. I'm sitting alone in my dark apartment and the dream is fading from my memory. Lisa is out for the night with her boyfriend. I have some private time all to myself and I really don't have anything to do. I'm just shifting in the sheets. I'm slipping in and out of sleep. I just feel lonely.

I hate nights like this
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