Friday, June 16, 2006

Stupid girl

I feel like a huge ass right now.

I wrote Jonas a note. I wrote a note to some customer I only met once and gave it to my co-worker this afternoon.

It was kind of awkward and I wasn't sure how to explain what I was handing to her. We're not that close, so I can't open up about the contents. I put it in a sealed envelope.

"Can you give this to Jonas if he comes into the Deli today?", I asked

She looked down at the note curiously. "What is this?"

"It's just a note"

"Do you know him personally?"

"Sort of. I just have a question for him"

She raised her eyebrows, looked at me closely. Then she had this little knowing smile that was more than a little embarrassing and put it into her apron. "Okay"

I walked out of the deli feeling so stupid and awkward. I rolled my eyes upwards and groaned.

Anyhow, this is what I wrote:


Hi, This is Iris. We met a while back at this Deli. I work here in the mornings. You sang that goo goo dolls song to me and I sang that Weezer song.

This is going to seem really strange. So feel free to ignore this note entirely, but I just thought about you the other day and I was wondering if you'd like to get together for a cup of coffee someday.

Just an idea, if you're bored with nothing better to do. Feel free to give me a call. (insert phone number)

Take care


I know that if anyone is out there reading this diary, you're embarrassed for me. I know that was lame. I KNOW. I'm just not good with letters. I'm better face to face. I really regret writing it at all.

I hope I don't see him again. I have a feeling it will only be weird and forced. I shouldn't have written that. It's too late to take it back. Chances are, I'll never hear from him.

I'll forget I wrote it after a week and move on with my life.

But at least I made an effort and I wont always wonder..."What if"..

I feel like a 14 year old girl again that just wrote a note asking out some boy she had a crush on. This is so stupid. I can't believe I did that.
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