Friday, June 30, 2006


Tomorrow is my date with Jonas!

He called this afternoon

At first I didn't pick up because I thought it was Michael. When I heard Jonas's voice on the machine, I quickly grabbed the phone.

"Hi! Sorry... I just stepped in"



"It's Jonas, I'm just calling about tomorrow. Are we still on for the beach?"

"Yes, What time? Are we going to meet there?"

"That's what I was going to ask you. Is it okay if I pick you up at 11 A.M."


"I need your address"

"Right... I live... (insert address)"


"So I'll see you tomorrow then"

"I'm looking forward to it", He said

"Me too", I hesitated because I wanted to say more. I realized my hand was trembling slightly. I was nervous. His voice causes this reaction and this anticipation to build in my stomach. I wish I had more control over this response. I wish I could be more relaxed. "Good night"

He hesitated "okay, Goodnight Iris"

I smiled and put down the phone carefully. Then fell over onto my futon happily. I'm so excited about seeing him again. This week seemed to stretch on for eternity...

Michael called an hour afterwards and I didn't pick up. I'm sober now and thinking clearly. My relationship with Michael is over and I'm not going back.

This is a new beginning.
posted by Iris at 10:07 PM