Thursday, December 01, 2005

A new beginning

I removed the previous post from public view because it was a little too personal and painful to keep out there. I didn't feel comfortable at the thought of anyone from my life finding it.

The truth is, I don't want to look back on last week's events. I just want to look forward now.

I have my bags packed, I'm leaving my Mom's house and returning to Michael.

We're going to work it all out, we just need to have a long talk. I haven't seen him since I went into the hospital last week.

I lost my job at TGI Fridays, but that's not a great loss. (or surprise). My boss wasn't very understanding and hired a new employee to replace me during my absense. I still have my bartending job. I'm going to start going through the classified section for a new part time job this week.

I'm trying to keep the right perspective. It's going to get better. I just know it. It's really early morning, surprisingly I had a full night's sleep.

I'm ready to face the day. It's time to stop sulking and feeling sorry for myself. It's not getting me anywhere.
posted by Iris at 5:16 AM