Monday, December 12, 2005

an appointment

I love when Michael cups my breasts in his hand and pushes inside of me from behind. He's so gentle and it's so intense. I just get lost in the feeling and everything bad fades away. It's just us, in that moment.

The taste of his skin, the feel of his lips, his hands..

I think our bodies were made for eachother..

When I think back to last night I feel myself tremble and I want more. I probably shouldn't write about this, it's not helping.

Besides, I have other things I have to think about..

On Friday, I called the man from the business card, I don't want to write his name. So I'll just call him "Mr. Photographer.",

He wants to meet with me today, at 11 A.M., He gave me the address over the phone. I explained to him that I wasn't actually a model and that I really don't have any experience, but that I'm interested. Also that I need money. He was really friendly.

I'm not sure what to wear. Should I try to look modern and Classy? Like a black turtle neck and my hair pulled up? Or should I try to look trendy? A skirt with knee-high boots with my hair down? What about make-up? Do I go for the natural look, or should I accentuate certain features? I'm clueless.

I'm also nervous because I didn't tell Michael about this. I knew he would disapprove and try to talk me out of the meeting.

But I'll feel it out myself and if it goes well..THEN I'll tell him. Otherwise he'll just worry and get bent out of shape.

I'm sure it'll be fine. I know it's not going to be like a bad television drama where the girl finds out that the photographer is a sleazy bastard wants her to remove all of her clothing and have sex with her.
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