Sunday, October 23, 2005

I love you

This morning he said it.

I woke up this morning to the sensation of a hand running up my thigh. I shifted slightly..and felt Michael's body move against mine. I smiled.

"Good morning..", I mumbled

"Good morning"

He slid his hand into my panties..

I love the way he touches me..I love the feel of his legs entwined in mine..the warmth of his chest against my back..the feeling of his lips grazing against my shoulder and the sound of his breath quickening. I love how wet he makes me without even the slightest pressure from his finger.. I love the taste of his skin..

It's those early morning moments with him that I love the most. When the light is coming through from the blinds and spilling over the sheets.. How slow it is because we're just waking up. I love feeling him push inside of me from behind..while his hand is cupping my breast.

This is too graphic.

When it was over, and we were both lying there naked..the sheets were on the floor. He pulled me against him, and then took my hand. He kissed the back of my neck and whispered against my skin..his breath tickling the small hairs..

"I love you"

I can't describe how it made me feel to hear those words, I felt like my chest expanded and the whole world opened up for me. I just wanted and needed to hear that so badly.

I whispered "I love you too"

Then he released me and climbed out of bed. I heard him go into the bathroom and close the door. I lay there, and smiled. I squeezed the corner of the mattress..and then buried my face in the pillow.

He just left 15 minutes ago to visit his father, and I had to come on and write this.

I know this isn't going to change my life..It's possible he just said it because the sex was really great this morning and he was caught up in the moment. It doesn't matter. I'm on a cloud.

I wish I could say everything in life is going this well..but it's not. I called my mother yesterday after work and It was horrible. I feel more alienated from my family than ever. I'm also having trouble with one of my co-workers in T.G.I. fridays. She keeps stealing my tables. She has some kind of issue with me because her boyfriend also works in the restaurant. She was upset that the first day I came into the job I took a cigarette break outside with him and we hit it off. (AS FRIENDS). I didn't even know that he was dating her, or their history on the first day of work. Ever since that moment, She has been trying to get rid of me . I need this job though. I don't even speak to her boyfriend anymore.

But none of this really matters because this morning Michael said he loved me.

He loves me....
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