Thursday, October 20, 2005


Ever since I was young, I was the victim of gossip.

Kids can be so cruel. When I was 8 years old a rumor went around the playground that I was actually adopted and from Russia.

This wasn't true, I actually cried about it and told people to stop saying it. but for some reason they believed it for years.

When my parents got divorced, someone spread a rumor that my mother was having an affair with the school principal and that my father had walked in on them. They labeled my mother a "Gold digger" and that she had only married my father for his money.

That wasn't true either.

In highschool people spread rumors that I was sleeping around. I had only slept with one boy at that point. Girls would whisper behind my back, guys would nudge eachother as I passed by and raise their eyebrows.

I had a large group of friends, but I also had a few enemies.

Maybe it was because my family was pretty wealthy, Maybe it's because I can be distant when I don't know someone. I didn't open up as quickly as everyone else and remained elusive. When you don't laugh right away at superficial are labeled a bitch. If you don't answer someone's question right away..they create their own answers. Then they whisper and gossip amoungst each other. Everyone needs to speculate about someone they don't fully understand or can't reach. It's almost like they forget that the person they are discussing is an actual human being.

But it doesn't stop after highschool.

And we're all guilty of it on some level.

Just open Entertainment magazine...Is Katie really Pregnant? What's up with Brad and Angelina?..Well Jennifer was probably bad in bed anyway.. Did you hear about...?


Today was a rough day, It's 1 nearly A.M., Michael is already asleep and I just crawled out of bed for a glass of vermouth with olives. Somehow I ended up in front of this flickering computer screen.
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