Sunday, September 11, 2005

My boss made me try on a new work uniform that was too tight, than he touched me inappropriately

I haven't told anyone about this because look at how that sentence sounds. They're going to think

a. I'm making this up for attention

b. I'm an idiot for letting myself get in a situation like that in the first place.

This whole situation makes me sick, I'm going to write about it just to get it off my chest because it keeps playing over and over in my mind. Sometimes writing things down helps clear my mind. Things don't look nearly as terrible in print and life is too short to get disturbed over every negative experience in life. I usually can just push it back into the recesses of my mind and let it go. Maybe I shouldn't just LET IT GO..on the other hand, maybe I SHOULD.

It's not like he raped me or anything. I might be overreacting, but I hate him right now. I don't want to go to work monday night.

Friday night my boss called me into his office during my cigarette break.

He told me that he had ordered some new uniforms for all the employees and he wanted me to try one of them on for me. He wanted to see how it fits and how it looks.

He pulled a uniform out of a box that was neatly folded and wrapped in plastic.

"You can try it on in my office bathroom, it would only take a minute"

I sighed, took it into my hands and unwrapped it. I looked at the size on the label. "This is size 3, I'm a size 5. This is going to be too tight", I said "Do you have a different one for me to try on?"

"Can you just do it?", He asked. He said this with annoyance and a slight slur in his voice. I could tell he had been drinking again and I didn't want to fight with the man that pays my wages. I knew my job was hanging on a thread. Fuck it, I'd try on the stupid uniform. Whatever.

In the bathroom I pulled the short tight skirt over my hips and buttoned up the white top, I had to take off my bra because it refused to button up otherwise. I felt uncomfortable stepping out into his office with this get-up. I thought the uniform was ridiculous and I hoped he would realize that. There was no way in hell anyone working at the bar would wear it.

I stepped out and crossed my arms over my chest. "It's too tight, and it's ugly and it's revealing", I told him honestly. "Can I take it off now please". I felt so uncomfortable and I know my face was red.

He just watched me. He moved around to the front of his desk and sat on the edge. He motioned for me to come closer "Let me just see the cut"

I shook my head.

"Could you stop behaving like this?", He asked "I'm asking you for a simple god damn favor, Iris. Could you just do this for me and stop acting like a five year old?"

Acting like a five year old?????

I walked up to him.

"turn around", He said

I turned around.

"Could you uncross your arms please",

I did it reluctantly.

He looked me over, then he licked his lips in this nasty way that made me feel incredibly uncomfortable and made me wonder how on earth I ended up standing there in front of him in his locked office in a revealing outfit way too tight. He rubbed the front of his pants with the back of his hands.

I looked down at what he was doing.

"Yeah, you gave me a like that?"

I didn't answer.

"You probably do, but you must be used to jerking guys around like that, aren't you?"

Jerking guys around? He sounded pissed off as though I had done something intentionally to turn him on and now I was playing hard to get. This is what a sick loser he is.

"Your panty line is showing through the back, can you take them off for a minute?"

"No", I started heading back to the bathroom.

He stood up and grabbed my hand "Look, I have a lot of girls that want this job and with your work performance as of late it would be pretty damn easy to let you go. If you can just cooperate for a few minutes, you'll be included when I hand out the bonus's next week"

So I did. I know if anyone is even reading this, you're thinking why would I do what this man says, Why would I go along, why don't I just kick him in the balls and quit?

Because I need this job, because you don't know how you'd handle a situation unless you're in it. If the stupid jerk wants to get his rocks off by watching me remove my panties out from under my skirt. If it means I'll get a bonus and wont have to live off other people for my survival. Then fuck it, I'll do it.

I stood there with my panties crumpled up in my hands and just stared at him. I was nearly at the point of tears, But I didn't want him to see that. I didn't want him to think he was getting to me. At that point, I was someone else in this situation and not myself.

"You are hot" He reached out, touched my chest and tweaked one of my nipples. Then he smiled. "Thank you"

"Can I go change now?"

"Yes and then get back to work. It's a busy night and start getting to work on time. You were late 3 times this month"

"I work two jobs"

He made a motion with his hand, like a mouth opening and closing. Then he looked me over. He reached his hands into his pants, rubbing himself for a moment and then walked out of the office.

I changed in the bathroom, threw the outfit on his desk without folding them and went back to work.

I didn't tell anyone, I felt sick and pissed off. At first it didn't even fully hit me what had just happened until later on when I started really thinking about it.

I could report him for something like this. If I could afford a lawyer, I would sue him. I'm just afraid that the bastard would find a way to turn it around on me.

No one got hurt, I still have my job and I'm not going to think about it anymore. I'm only writing about it because if anyone else out there has gone through something similiar and never told anyone.

Well guess what?, you're not alone.

It's 7 A.M. Sunday morning, Michael will be waking up soon, I'm going to make him breakfast. I'm putting this whole thing behind me.
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