Thursday, September 15, 2005

meeting the father

Today I met Michael's dad for the first time.

I should write a book:

"How to make the worst first impression with your boyfriend's parents" - by Iris

I'm sure it would be a bestseller

I woke up this morning to the sensation of my panties being slid down my thighs, I saw Michael leaning over me smiling. Truly the best way to wake up.

Afterwards I went into the kitchen with only an almost see-through tank top and thin white panties to make breakfast while Michael took a shower.

As I was breaking open the eggs, I heard the lock on the front door click open and the sound of someone entering the apartment. I froze. Then a strange man in his fifties entered the kitchen!

I panicked and automatically ducked under the counter. I hid there, sitting on the floor with my back against the cabinet. I didn't dare to make a sound or even breathe. There was silence, then I heard.

"Hello? Michael? Who's there? Hello??"

I didn't answer.

Then the man emerged around the corner and stared down at me crouched on the floor in confusion.

"Hi", I muttered. Feeling sheepish and incredibly embarrassed. I WANTED TO DIE.

The man quickly averted his eyes. "Oh..I'm sorry..I..Is Michael here?"

"He's taking a shower"

"Right..I'm Michael's father..I'll just go into the bedroom then" He said

He disappeared around the corner. I sat there feeling like the biggest idiot in the world. I walked over to the bedroom door and listened in our their conversation..

"Who is that girl?", I heard his father asking.

"That's Iris", I heard Michael say "she's living with me"

"I wasn't informed about this", His father said "I never even met this girl..I just walked in on her practically half-naked. I don't know what's going on and it's your life. You can at least tell me these things!"

"I meant to"

"We'll discuss this later"

What the fuck?? Michael is in his 20's..he's not five years old. It's his apartment, why would he have to tell his father all the details of his life. Like it's his business!?

Then the door opened and I ran into the hallway bathroom. I slammed the door and hid. God, that was so embarrassing.

Yeah, that went well. I made a great first impression.

Michael left with his father without saying goodbye.

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