Saturday, September 17, 2005


I don't have much time to type this entry. Michael just left the flat on a beer run and to grab a pack of cigarettes. I just felt the urge to sign on and update. It's an urge I feel whenever a few days go by without logging on.

Everything has been so crazy lately, I feel like my life is changing at a pace so fast I can hardly keep up. When I think back to where I was only 2 months ago it amazes me.

I can't believe I'm living with Michael. I have these moments where I just stop and digest the fact. It overwhelms me. I'm afraid I'm going to wake up either alone in my own apartment struggling with the rent again or back in Stacey's closet sized sewing room wondering how the hell I got there.

Sometimes I wonder where my relationship with Michael is going and how long it's going to last. I'm afraid to get too comfortable here. Most of my boxes are in his basement storage room still unpacked.

Despite the fact that I made a really bad first impression on Michael's father earlier this week, things are okay between us.

"I don't care what my father thinks", Michael had explained later on that evening "he doesn't know you or the situation. When the time is right I'll take you to meet my family the right way. It's just too early"

"I understand"

"They're going to ask too many questions..Questions I can't answer yet"

"I know"

"It's not that.."

"You don't have to explain, it's cool"

Last night I didn't have to work, so Michael and I met some of his friends at the ________ club. This was the first time I met his friends, They're really awesome. At first I felt out of place and it was a little awkward. After a few drinks I felt at home and we were all laughing. I particularly connected with Kristin. (a girlfriend of his bestfriend). We got drunk and shared so much with eachother. We were like old friends by the end of the night.

I wish I didn't have to work tonight, I'm going to meet the same group as yesterday after my shift is over at 1:30 A.M.

Alright, I have to sign off and take a shower.
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