Saturday, August 06, 2005

Late night

Michael is lying in bed across from me as I type this. He's sleeping sprawled out, with the blankets tangled around his waist. His hair is falling over the pillow and I'm watching his chest rise and fall. I can't fall asleep, so I thought I would type an entry..

I just hope that the sound of the keys clicking don't wake him up. I'm trying to type gently and quietly.. Although, part of me hopes it does. I'm feeling incredibly aroused right now, I want to crawl across the bed and climb on top of him. But I know he has get up early in the morning to go to some meeting with his parents.

Even the feeling of the fabric of my tanktop moving over my breasts when I shift in the chair is turning me on.

Maybe I can just kiss him..just run my tongue down his body and he'll wake up to the feeling of warm wet lips on his hard on..

Isn't that how every guy wants to wake up?

Okay, I have to stop. I shouldn't update anymore when I'm drunk..Since taking down my comments section, I forget that other people out there might be reading this.

Tonight I was on top, I loved how he guided my hips with his hands..I love how he looked up at me.

At one point, he moved up to touch my breasts..He cupped them in hands. My eyes were closed and he whispered "look at me"

I opened my eyes, My whole body was shaking..He always picks the moments I'm most vulnerable, when he's inside of me to say these things..

'I have so many feelings for you..just all these feelings.."

"I Love you too", I said

I shouldn't have said that, I know..It just came was how I felt. He

I have to go, I think he's waking up..I'm going to press publish and log off. I don't want him to see this right now.
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