Friday, August 05, 2005


I didn't know that a man could feel it when a woman orgasms...

Michael and I were together in the kitchen last night after my job hunting escapade. I sat on the edge of the kitchen table and told him about my day. He watched me..when I was finished. His eyes were focused on my legs swinging back and forth under the table.

"That's so cute how you do that.."


"the way you swing your legs when you talk, and how you shrug..the way you tilt your head to the side when you're in deep thought"

I felt self-conscious and laughed. I didn't know he was observing my mannerisms. I stopped swinging my legs.

"I like this skirt"

"It was cheap" (I say the stupidest things)

He put his hand on my thigh, and I immediately felt heat rise to my face. My body responds to his touch automatically, I can't even control it. He slowly ran his hand up under my skirt. I shifted slightly..

He asked me to open my legs. I did, while watching him. He looked into my eyes and pushed his finger inside of me, so slowly. Then he kissed me, it was such a passionate kiss..while he was kissing me, I kept taking sharp intakes of breaths because of what he was gently and yet with enough pressure to send me over the edge. He knew it too..I felt like he was playing with me. Just to watch me squirm, watch me become breathless on his kitchen table..

I bit his lip at one point..then whispered "I'm going to.."

"I know I can feel it"

How can he feel it? He ran his hand over my cheek..and looked into my eyes. "I wanted you too, this, I just wanted to touch you and see you enjoying it, see you look at me..the way you are right now"

To orgasm while someone is saying this to you and holding your face. Is the most intense experience. Afterwards I was trembling and I couldn't even compose myself. I had to escape to the bathroom and splash water on my face. Then I felt myself starting to cry.

I'm falling for him so hard.

I'm going to get so hurt.

and that was just before dinner, we were up all night..we made love 3 times. We didn't crash until 5:30 A.M...a sweaty mess. I'm really tired right now, but in a blissful state.

3 times! One night! I'm also sore, I have rose tinted marks on the areas of my body he licked and suckled..I have a few scratches on my back, my legs feel weak like I ran an entire marathon, My head is light. I feel like I'm on some kind of crazy drug and I can't get enough of it.

I feel like a different person.
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