Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Emotional Infidelity

If you touch yourself while thinking of another this considered emotional infidelity?

It was incredibly hot when I woke up this morning, my air conditioner isn't working properly and it's in the middle of the summer. Even though I leave the windows open, it's still uncomfortably warm in the mid-day. I have a small fan next to the bed, that blows air in my face. It was humming loudly, and that was the first sound I heard when I opened my eyes.

I shifted in the sheets and thought of Michael..

I touched my lips and thought back to our kiss..I closed my eyes and saw him sitting at the bar watching me. My hand moved down my neck, over my stomach..and down to the elastic band of my panties. Just the thought of him makes my breath quicken.

But then I stopped myself this time. I switched gears and tried to think of my fiance instead.

But the feeling of arousal faded and I got up for breakfast.

That has to stop.
posted by Iris at 2:52 PM