Friday, July 29, 2005


You come up to me and you wipe away my tears

Your hand runs along my cheek and your thumb moves down to my lips. You graze against it softly and stare into my eyes. You tell me it's going to be alright. You tell me that it isn't going to always be like this..that things will get better.

I want to believe it..

Your hand moves down the nape of my neck and then underneath my shirt. You cup my breast in my hand, your thumb moving over the nipple. I push my body against you...

It just feels so good to be touched again..

We kiss, and we get lost in it. You push me up against the wall..

You lift my shirt up over my head, and then unbutton my jeans. I'm breathless and just watching you. You slide my panties slowly down over my thighs and my legs are shaking. You tell me it's okay..

You pull me up against your body, gripping me underneath my knees and lifting me up. We stare into eachother's eyes, I feel you so close..and you push inside of me.

We move together, and I'm crying again..because it feels so good, because it's such a release..because I need this. I need you..


My god, I'm so lost..I'm so full of desire, and I have no one to hold me.

It's these moments, right now, when I feel the most lonely. I hate sitting alone with a glass of vermouth in the middle of the night gazing at a flickering computer screen because I can't sleep..
posted by Iris at 4:20 AM