Wednesday, June 01, 2005


The days have been empty and passing slowly

Like the sand in one of those huge hour glasses

Sometimes I feel like the life is seeping out of me.

Luke and I have been spending alot of time together, I enjoy our moments together.

I like lying in bed, our bodies tangled up. I like our breakfasts sitting at my cheap wobbly kitchen table with the metal chairs looking at the sunlight coming in the window, I like walking through the streets having a hand inside mine. I like having him beside me at night, reading a book while I cut watch T.V. and drink a shot of Vodka.

The sex is good too. Comfortable, warm and feeling familiar now. I know the contours of his body, his smell, his hands..

But it's not mind-splitting and toe-curling.

I found another job

I'm working as a cashier in a department store

I hate it, but now I can pay the rent without having to borrow money from my Mom.
posted by Iris at 8:29 PM