Friday, June 03, 2005

High School "friend"

I hate working as a cashier. I hate it with a passion I cannot describe in words.

I saw an old friend from highschool today. There I was ringing up this insanely expensive blouse and she looks at me in surprise.

"Iris, is that you?"

I wish it wasn't me. I wish I could have answered No. No, Iris is a successful actress now. I just look like her. Would Iris be working at this shitty demeaning job earning minimum wage with a bunch of teenagers and than going home to change for her next job as a bartender? Of corse not.
But instead I smiled "Yea..Hey!"

She said the obligatory statement "You look good"


Than there was this silence. So I asked her what she's been up to since graduation. She went on to tell me about how she's getting married and proudly displayed the huge rock on her hand.

She's working in "Print media" and she's planning to relocate to California.

Well isn't that nice.

She didn't bother to ask what I've been up to. I guess she figures my job explained it all. Instead she picked up her bag and said "Well, I hope everything works out for you. Good seeing you again, Iris"

Yes, Have a nice life.

I felt like shit the entire rest of the day.
posted by Iris at 10:31 PM