Saturday, June 11, 2005

He's Back

I saw Michael today in the bar.

He's back.

It's been over a month. He just sat there, staring down at his drink and rubbing his finger along the edge of the glass.

I didn't approach him.

I just watched him from the other side of the bar.

I stared at the features of his face, his lips, his clear eyes, his nose..his neck..his shoulders..
I felt this shiver go through me and I have to look away.

I still want him.

I remember the feel of his kiss..

I touch my lips and close my eyes.

I have to stop this. I have to stop this right now. I'm in a relationship with someone else and I'm happy. I'm really happy.

Why do I feel like I'm trying to convince myself of this?
posted by Iris at 4:37 AM