Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Just life

There are moments in life when I just feel myself grow still and introspective. I think about where I'm heading..I think about who I am..

I just hang in that one minute in time and it feels like an eternity.

I panic and feel my breathe quicken and my pulse race... then this calmness washes over me.
I realize it's going to be okay.

Today I was sitting on the window sill, smoking a marlboro light and staring down at all the little people on the street scurrying like ants, all the cars, the honking, the music and the yelling. It's just crazy out there and it's so easy to fall into the whole drama..

I got a newspaper from the stand and marked up the employment section. To be honest..there isn't much out there for someone without a college education.

Am I stupid for not just going to law school or medical school and having my mother pay for it? Am I just being stubborn by trying to pursue my pathetic childhood dreams?

I asked Luke and he said he "admires my strength and that I stay true to myself"

But this is coming from someone who thinks my feet are cute.

trust me, they're not.

Well, My 21st birthday is coming up on Saturday. I've decided not to be depressed about it.
Instead be happy for one reason.

I can finally legally buy a beer at the bar I work in.
posted by Iris at 4:20 PM