Sunday, April 17, 2005

Happy Birthday to me

Well, I'm 21. Can't say it feels any different from 20. Or that 20 feels any different from 19. And since I've been drinking since I was about..
15? Being "legal" isn't all that charming. But speaking of charming. Luke, on Saturday. Holy shit..
For a guy I've only known about a month, he sure went all out. He'd set up a candle lit dinner at his house, made me take off work and we spent the night laughing over a bottle of cristal while making out like jr. high students. Then..
We took a bath together. Can I say, if you've never bathed with your "significant other" while tipsy. Hmm :) I'll let you find out for yourself. And of course the embarrassing calls from family.
If I have to hear "happy birthday" sung over my voice mail in some faceless relative's voice one more time, I just might lose it. I didn't even know I had an Aunt mildred until I heard her emphasyma stricken voice erupting from my poor phone.
It seems the only person who didn't call is the only one I'd want to. (Michael)..ok enough of this pathetic crush..I really have to get over him.
posted by Iris at 2:49 PM