Saturday, March 12, 2005

Smoke Rings

I dreamt about Michael last night. I have the morning off from the photo lab. Carl is coming over and I can share my fantasies with him. He always loves to listen. He's probably the greatest friend a girl could have..and he's cute too.

But don't get any ideas. This isn't going to be like those 80's movies where I discover that Carl is the one I was meant to be with all along, If only I had seen it sooner. The two of us laughing about it on our wedding night..

Carl is gay

I think I'm going to start smoking again. Last night I bought a pack of cigarettes on my way home from work

I smoked some in Highschool but never really picked it up as a habit.

I'm already imagining Michael and I in bed smoking cigarettes after sex, the window open and the sounds of the city sailing in..the curtains blowing. then he puts out the cigarette and rolls on top of me...

sorry, getting carried away, like anyone wants to read this shit.
posted by Iris at 1:33 AM