Wednesday, March 09, 2005


I'm really not as pathetic as I sounded in my last entry.

At least I want to believe that I'm not.

I was just feeling so empty and bored. I hate boredom. sometimes it's hard living alone in New York. When I walk out into the streets, I just become engulfed into the crowd of bustling strangers..

I disappear

But actually my friend, Carl dropped by yesterday while I was watching "Meet Joe Black". he brought a bottle of tequila and sordid tales of his last love affair.

Carl is my bestfriend

He agreed that I do look like that girl from the film, I personally don't see it. but I'm flattered at the idea of it.

Carl also came to see me at the bar tonight while I was working because I had told him about the handsome stranger I've been lusting about. He was hoping to catch a glimpse of him

So was I

He never showed up.
posted by Iris at 3:58 PM