Tuesday, March 15, 2005

My Stupid Job

I have this sneaking suspicion that I'm going to lose my job at Walmart..

I had alot of sick days in the beginning because I was too tired from working at the bar at night to come in for the morning shift.

Meanwhile little Ms. sixteen year old cheerleader is always on time and is pushing the Boss to hire one of her friends that apparently dropped out of school and is looking for full time work.

He's available all hours including the morning shift..

blah blah

I hate this fucking job anyway.

Before I leave I'll break the machine.

yeah right.

Sometimes I hate life

the highlights of this job is developing Carl's secret erotic shots of his boyfriend..that man is hot. Carl is always thankful to me for keeping it mum for him.

What will he do when I lose this job

Okay, I don't know for sure whether I'm going to lose it, so I'll just shut up.
posted by Iris at 7:24 PM