Saturday, March 19, 2005

My Amazing life

Okay, I'm feeling like shit and I'm drunk on top of it.

My 21st birthday is coming up and I don't have a boyfriend, didn't go to college, lost my fucking job at Walmart, and work at night in a bar.

The only thing good in my life is my goddamn cat.

It's moments like this when I think of checking out entirely.

If I just had someone to hold me, someone that looked into my eyes and whispered "I love you"..Maybe life wouldn't seem so hard and lonely.

I watch "sex in the city" and think okay that's me now..and that's going to be me when I'm in my thirties..single and dating in New York. That's going to be the rest of my life.

when I was younger I really believed that there was going to be a prince charming out there, just waiting to sweep me off my feet.

By now I would be graduating college and we would be getting married, I would be an actress or a model.. or something famous.

I really believed at 13 that was a possibility..

Now harsh reality has crashed on me and I'm sitting on this computer with my cat trying to attack my feet, alone and drunk from hanging out in the bar after work with my friend waiting for Michael to show up. Hoping to see his gorgeous face so I could fantasize about it later.
yes, folks..this is what my amazing life is all about.

posted by Iris at 5:01 AM