Friday, March 04, 2005

Meet Joe Black

he was there again last night, I noticed him while I was talking to the dishwasher..standing outside the kitchen. I felt my breath catch in my throat and for a moment..I wanted to hide

From a customer at the bar I've only seen once a pathetic school girl.

fucking stupid

I served him a vodka tonic again and he smiled at me

"I like your hair", he said

I touched my hair nervously..seeing if it was still in the ponytale..feeling selfconscious "thanks", I said standing there..then starting to wipe the counter despite the fact that there were two customers on the other side of the bar waiting for service.

"you look like someone famous.. I can't remember her name..", He murmered distantly "the one with..Brad pitt, he's like the devil or something"

I smiled and shrugged

"meet Joe black", he finally said

"I haven't seen it..", I said but before I could finish, the customer at the other side was yelling for me. I went to him and when I came back, A girl next to him had started talking to him.

They talked together all night

he left me a nice tip.

I have to see "Meet Joe Black"
posted by Iris at 5:38 AM