Thursday, March 03, 2005

I want to call him

My cat is constantly meowing, I never know what he wants from me, his big green eyes peering at me with such urgency it floors me. I feed him, hug him, let him out, let him in..nothing changes that incessant sound..

walking around my pad this morning, I felt so alone. I finally have that apartment in New York I wanted, and all I feel is empty. the white walls with small cracks running down the sides, the bohemian own full size bed, plants, livingroom, bathtub. I should be happy, at only 20..I'm completely self-sufficient.

Eventually I'll raise enough money to go to college and study dramatic arts, for now I'm content with my daytime job developing film and my nighttime job as a bartender

that's bullshit

I'm not content..

I want to call him..

posted by Iris at 1:24 AM