Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Good times with my Mother

I saw my Mother yesterday.

We did lunch

Once again she went through the whole "you're so talented..you don't you find a real job or go to college for something useful..like psychology or law. You're just lazying around, wasting your youth and life in a bar and walmart. It's awful for me when my friends ask how you're doing..what am I supposed to say? I have nothing to be proud of..why can't you be more like your sister..etc etc"

She has plenty of money, but she refuses to finance my college if I study Dramatic arts because she claims that would be a "waste of her money"

then she asked me if I'm dating anyone.

She said that I have only about 5 good years left to find the right person, after that I'm screwed.

All the good ones will be taken or go after girls younger than me.

I just nodded and pushed around the salad on my plate

posted by Iris at 2:51 AM