Sunday, March 06, 2005


Another thursday night making margaritas for girls with "tan-in-a-can" smeared on their faces & cleavage. I didn't see him tonight. I felt pathetic searching the scene as I moved along the bar, hoping I'd be pierced with those dark eyes. Itching, hoping.

But you know who did show up?

Brian. With his black sweater I'd gotten him that Christmas he first proclaimed "love".

Flash back.

Winter of 2003, first snow spiraling around our heads. Trapped in a snowglobe time stopped & his expression was implying something else..Then he said it. "Iris, I really love you." But of course those words would be followed by a "I barely remember fucking her, I swear."

3 months later. Beautiful, isn't he? This apartment is a lonely empty pit & the silence always makes me feel like I'm about to be murdered.
posted by Iris at 3:35 AM