Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Empty Moments

Time has this way of slowing down when you have nothing to do and your lonely.
I have the day off and I have nothing to do.

That's so pathetic.

All my friends are busy, either working or have other plans. My mother isn't even picking up the phone. I thought of calling my older sister, but it seems rather pointless.. I can already envision the conversation..

"oh..hi, Iris..wow, so..er..is everything okay?"

"yes, Just calling to say hi"

"oh wow, yea, hi"


"so what's up, sis?"

"not much"


"well, yea..it was good talking to you but I have to go because.."

"yeah yeah..that's cool, Okay bye"


that would be our general conversation, so basically I can avoid the arkwardness of it by simply not calling at all.

Which leaves me back where I was before


I don't even have cable

Maybe I'll go rent "Meet Joe Black"


I have a plan.
posted by Iris at 12:37 PM