Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Another Encounter

He was there.

Michael was there..

When I started working, I saw him right away..sitting there alone, scanning the crowds of people.

In my imagination I let myself believe he was searching for me.

So I did my most sexy saunter and approached him.

"What can I get you?", I asked, I thought of leaning on the bar table, so I could show him a little cleavage. then I had a vision of being like Britney Spears. That frightened me.

I stood up straight.

"A becks", he said with a smile

I brought him the drink and our fingers met as I put it on the bar and he grabbed at it simultaneously.

"so what kind of name is Iris?", He asked

He remembered my name!!!!

then I lamely responded "I don't know..what kind of name is Michael?'

He did this little laugh thing and took a swig.

Meanwhile my last stupid sentence kept repeating itself over and over in my head

My friend motioned for me to help her at the other side of the bar. I avoided her glance..

"When do you get off from work?", he asked me suddenly

My face grew hot..I opened my lips and closed them, trying to play it cool.

I shrugged "depends on the night"

"tonight?", he asked

Suddenly my friend grabbed my arm and pulled me towards her and bitched at me about not helping her with the customers. I was so embarassed to be snapped at in front of Michael. I muttered an apology and quickly started serving the other customers at the bar.

I saw Michael watching me and I pretended not to notice. My ears felt red. I didn't even look at him for about a half an hour.

When I turned around he was gone
posted by Iris at 11:30 PM