Tuesday, February 01, 2005

True love?

So what's the verdict? Is there such thing as true love that lasts forever?

"I'm really sorry, Iris.. I don't know how it happened..she was just there, I was drunk..god, I'm so fucking sorry.."

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The first entry

I might be slightly insane writing a diary online for everyone to read. It seems like such a strange concept, other people having access to the ramblings in my mind.

but on the other hand..I honestly don't expect anyone to find my life interesting enough to read about.

With all the people in the world, who am I?, that girl with the bright red hair you might spot on the supermarket line. the most you might do is comment to your friend on the color of my hair.. that's about it. I'm also the girl in Walmart developing your film within one hour. You know the one you bitch at because you're in such a fucking rush? Or because you took a bad picture without flash that's blurry and you seem to think it's due to my lack of photo developing skills?

I'm also the girl in the bar you yell at for a "sex on the beach" when your drunk off your ass and after I rush to serve you, you stroll away without leaving a tip.

Yep, that's who I am

Oh and my name is Iris
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